Discord Bot Development

Have an idea for a chat bot you want to make real? Contact me today to discuss getting your project off the ground. I can build you a Discord bot to integrate with other applications, perform server actions, collect and send data from online sources, or anything else!


Hello, I'm a software developer and I'm interested in getting practice in building bots for Discord and other applications. If that's a service you'd be interested in then please reach out to me with the contact form below.

Example Commands

Here are some screen captures of a demo bot I recently built.


  • Rate: $40/hour
  • Prices based on project scope and estimate of work hours.
  • Work hours will not change during project development (even if it takes longer).
  • I will never charge for research time.
  • Feature additions and major modifications must be addressed separately from initial contract.
  • Feature omissions can be discussed.


Please send me the requirements for your project. I'll get back to you for any clarification needed then we can finalize and agree upon a project outline.